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How to Make your Video Game Fun: Unlocking the Secrets

Join us for this third episode of our Game Design Series with our in-house game designer, Anton Licht! How do you make your video game fun? What makes a video game fun? We dive deep into the world of game development, starting with a fundamental concept which drives every gamer's experience: fun!

We'll talk about the elements which make a game fun, looking at striking the right balance with difficulty levels, creating challenges that engage players without completely overwhelming them. Creating a sense of contrast is an important side of creating a fun game, so do add contrasting elements, such as easy, hard levels, struggle and growth, light and dark, fast and slow, or calm and chaotic, to make games more fun and enjoyable.

Ever heard of the "magic circle"? We discuss this concept and how it applies to games in this video. Discover how game mechanics can shape and influence player experiences, drawing them into a unique world where they can immerse themselves fully.

If you're an aspiring game developer or simply someone intrigued by the magic of game design, make sure to watch the rest of our design series to discover the secrets to crafting captivating games. And don't forget to check out Soba, our mobile, no-code game development platform that empowers creators of all levels to bring their game ideas to life.

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