Soba is a place where you can be yourself. A place that’s positive, without all of the outdated, boring gamer cliches and toxic, negative stereotypes.

We designed a safe, fun destination for every gamer to express themselves.

Accessible to Anyone, Anywhere!

We want to empower anyone to play and create games. We’ve therefore made sure that Soba is as accessible as possible by making it multi-platfrom and completely free to use.

Our values are alined to those of creators

Currently, platforms are taking too much income away from creators. They don’t provide options for creators to be discovered through their algorithms and few provide direct ownership of assets, where all stakeholders have a financial upside based on their contributions. But creators are no longer just the product - they are the new economies!


We’re building a creator centric, fair-economy where creators receive a high-revenue share for their creations and true Web3 ownership over their creations.


Through Soba, creators will have real ownership over their assets, and will be able to trade items and creative IP, and also move those assets in and out of the game.

Built for Web3

We believe that creators should be fairly compensated for their work and have true ownership over their creations and assets. That’s why we’re incorporating blockchain elements and shifting steadily towards Web3.

Through Web3, we’re enabling both creators and players to own their digital assets and eventually they will also be able to move those assets from and to other projects.

Built for Web3 but not token-gated

Even though Soba is being built on Web3, we’re prioritising the quality of the game and offering people the opportunity to experience it without the need to own tokens.

The game will be available to anyone who wishes to play or create games without any

restrictions or false promises.


Phase 1

Alpha 🔒

This is the first release of Soba on mobile! We open access based on a waitlist. Invite your friends, help others and be active in the community to move up the in the waitlist and get acecss earlier.

Phase 2

Beta 📢

We transition into a beta and give access to many more creators. We’ll release templates, voice chat, and many more features!

Phase 3

Global Beta 🌍

Soba will be available for everyone. In addition to mobile Soba will be available on PC, too. This will allow creators to build any experience they can imagine.

Introduction of Soba’s create-to-earn economy and the opportunity to own assets and own creations.

Phase 4

Launch 🚀

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