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Make Games on Any Device.

Make Games On Any Device.

Create games effortlessly on any device with Soba - from your PC to your smartphone, we've got you covered.

No Code. No Problem.

You don’t need to be a coder to create magic with Soba. All you need is a device and a dream.

Everyone Can Make Games.

On Soba every gamer can be a creator. Join us and build the game you and your friends would like to play.

Invite your friends along for the ride.

Build a game your friends will love. Or build a game with your friends. Or...just play together. All games made on Soba are multiplayer.

Remix your favourite games.

Give existing games your twist. Shooters, platformers, racing games... Make games the way YOU think they should be made.

Wanna rewrite the rules of game creation with us?

Download our app and join our Discord community to become a beta tester of Soba!

Creators from our community


Soba has been an incredible platform for me to showcase my creativity and connect with a wide audience. The community is vibrant and supportive, allowing for collaboration and learning.


Soba is fun whether you want to code, build or play games made by loads of users! I highly recommend the game for those who want to learn the basics of coding while having fun with friends & family!


Soba has allowed me to create games easily without the need to learn complex tools. It's not only a gaming platform, it's also a friendly community where we share great moments and participate in hilarious events.


My experience on Soba is great and keeps getting better over time. I highly recommend this app to anyone that is looking to learn coding easily or is looking to just have fun!


Soba gives the tools to effortlessly make polished and fun multiplayer games in under an hour. I’ve added complex logic without any coding, which has enabled me to create a lot of games.


It is super fun to make a game without coding on Soba. The best part is that it is available on mobile, unlike any other game engine. It's the part of Soba I'm most proud of, and I really like making games on the platform.