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We’re looking for people who want to change the way we make games.

Open positions

Our culture

At Soba, we strive to make every gamer a creator. In order to do this, we must foster a culture of inclusion, creativity, respect, collaboration, and fun. Specific behaviors and skills we care most about.

Put your ego aside

We make decisions based on data that fuels the business, not our egos. Our office is shoeless — leave your ego with your shoes.

Passion with a Purpose

We are obsessed with our user and product.

Drive + Speed

We move fast, boldly, and take risks.

Forever a Student

We never stop learning and encourage self-improvement.


No hidden agendas. We are open and transparent.

Discuss + Commit

We are objective, to the point, and all in. We have open discussions.

We believe that the best teams make the best products, and that the best teams are made of individuals who put players and the team before themselves.

Why join us?

The biggest perk we can offer is the amazing people you get to work with. We all come from different backgrounds and nationalities but are united in a mission of building something bigger. We’ve put a lot of effort into hiring only the best people for our team, not only based on talent but also in terms of values.

At Soba, you’re a part of a small team where everyone has a lot of ownership of what they do and how they work, but with very limited process and bureaucracy. We’re an early startup and prefer spending time on our product and users, rather than on titles and formalities. If you are comfortable in an environment where structure and guidelines are not yet set in stone, but everyone does what they can to contribute, then Soba is the place for you.

In addition we offer the following benefits:

Equity awards

We believe strongly that everyone deserves the financial upside of working in a startup. That’s why all full time employees have equity awards.

State-of-the-art hardware

You should have the tools that make you productive.

Office in Kreuzberg

Nice and cozy office in Kreuzberg, Berlin (with great coffee). We also have flexible work-from-home and remote policies.


We help you relocating to Berlin for non-remote positions.

Mental-health program

Paid-for mental health benefits and access to therapists