What Parents Need to Know About Soba

As parents, keeping kids safe online is a top priority. Game creation taps into creativity, freedom, and ingenuity — and it should empower self-expression, not expose them to harm. 

At Soba, we believe game creation should celebrate imagination, bring out creativity, and be accessible to all.

We know you want assurances your child can explore this passion without stumbling upon the pitfalls found elsewhere online. Our commitment to you is a safe, enjoyable platform where your child can express creativity. 

Your feedback, questions, and concerns are highly appreciated, and will only make our platform better. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you would like to share your thoughts — we want you to assist in the development of the next generation of game makers! 

What is Soba's age recommendation?

Our platform and all games are recommended for ages 13 and above. we align to standard app store ratings classifications utilized by families already. We suggest parents follow these age guidelines or exercise discretion per their child's maturity when supervising.

What types of content are featured on Soba?

Games encompass a diverse range of themes, graphics, and gameplay catering to different interests. We manually review uploads to ensure alignment with our community standards, filtering inappropriate or harmful material like graphic violence. Our games showcase cartoon action on par with a Teen rating.

What safety measures does Soba have in place?

User safety starts with proactive human oversight. Our moderation team actively reviews content like game uploads, Discord posts, and profiles to uphold community values. We also encourage user reporting of inappropriate behavior for expedited removal. 

After, we take necessary action to ban users or remove offensive comments. As we grow, we aim to responsibly integrate more advanced protections.

Does Soba offer in-game purchases?

Our platform is entirely free at this stage. There are no paid upgrades or downloadable content that players need to unlock. 

Players have full access to all creation tools and games without spending anything. As we evolve the app, we will consider feedback from families before adding any purchasable elements that may concern parents.

What are Soba's Community Guidelines?

We cultivate an encouraging, harassment-free hub centered around imagining together. Key policies prohibit bullying, spamming attacks, graphic content, intellectual property theft, impersonation, and more. 

We aim to foster a creative, collaborative community in which users help each other out.

How can I manage screen time with Soba?

Outside the app, we encourage defining specific screen time with your child. 

What's the educational value of Soba?

Soba’s game creation tool works through visual scripting tools, which is a powerful tool for teaching children about programming fundamentals. 

They can see the building blocks of a program and understand how they fit together, which is easier than understanding abstract code. Children can experiment and create with visual scripting tools, which often feel more like playing a game than writing code. 

This encourages creativity and exploration, which are crucial for learning. Visual scripting challenges children to think logically and solve problems. They learn to break down tasks into smaller parts and solve them step by step, a key skill in programming. 

We think that children who start with visual scripting can have an easier time transitioning to more advanced programming languages later.

Creating also builds project design abilities handy in any profession — ideating goals, then methodically bringing them to reality through testing and reiteration. The creative journey itself teaches persistence and meeting imaginative challenges head-on.

How can I provide feedback to Soba?

We are always open to feedback on what protections or policies we can add to keep a safe and healthy community as we grow. Please directly email suggestions to our team or message us on our Discord server.