10 Game Alternatives to Roblox (for Beginners and Experts)

Since its release in 2006, Roblox has swept the internet and developed a community of over 66 million daily users . One of the most popular destinations for online fun, its unique features inspire creativity and invention on both a social and educational level.

There are lots of options for sandbox games that allow users to virtually interact in an online world. These platforms enable users to connect and collaborate in their computer-generated universes with the freedom to generate their own exciting content.

We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of game alternatives to Roblox that differ in popularity and skill level, but contain similar objectives.

The Top 10 Games Similar to Roblox

Getting bored of this Roblox? Want something kind of like it to spice up your gaming palette? It needs to be new but also familiar. 

You’re craving something fresh. You want games similar to Robolox to mix it up a bit. We get it. So here’s our list of the top games like Roblox currently on the market.

1. Dreams - The most similar to Roblox

Similar to Roblox, Dreams is a game creation video game in which players can create their own “Dreams” of audiovisual experiences and games. The software allows for a lot of interaction and inspiration among users, which enables the success of the “Dreamiverse”.

Players can navigate through user-generated games, visual experiences like animation, and elements of art and music in the virtual world. Using the “Dreamshaping” function to create games, users can create a game from scratch or stamp the creative elements of other “Dreams” into their own.

Surf through the wide variety of content on Dreams, a platform that features user-generated games and audiovisual experiences.

2. Soba

Back away from existing internet games and play by your own rules with online game maker and platform Soba. You can make and share a variety of games for the world to experience. 

By far the most novice-accessible platform on this list, anyone with a phone and internet access can join the platform and use the visual scripting tools — no coding required!

The integrated no-code game-making tools allow anyone to generate their own individual gaming experience or play games created by fellow users. Unlike Roblox, which requires knowledge of the coding language Lua, Soba requires no coding background.

3. KoGaMa

KoGaMa is a Roblox alternative for the creation, publication, and playing of online games. Users can explore the thousands of games created by the KoGaMa community and team, or generate their own world and games.

Users can join any game, and those without an account can join as a “tourist”. You can “like” or leave a message in the comment section below each game. A unique element of the platform is the point-based reward system, which rewards users for creation and interaction with games. Rewards can be used for purchases within the virtual KoGaMa world.

Whether you are looking for classic arcade style or exciting adventure games, KoGaMa has an option for all skill levels.

4. Minecraft

While Minecraft may be defined by some as a simple game of survival and creation, the platform also functions as a forum for creation sharing and community interaction. Customize your gaming experience by downloading visual mods or battle fellow users in parkour tournaments to engage with more interactive aspects of the game.

Whether using creative, adventure, or survival mode, players can choose to create content to share with the community or join different servers for interplay with fellow users. Minecraft is a virtual playground for creation with its simple, yet complex nature that is accessible to all gamers.

5. Minetest

Minetest functions as a game engine for playing games in an open world, similar to Minecraft. It uses the same scripting language as Roblox, Lua, for game creation, but users can also download games, mods, and texture packs if they want to play without creating. For games to download check out this list of games and content .

Multiplayer servers are also available for interactive playing, and the software is free to download. Minetest is released under the GNU Lesser General Public License, which means that the community has access to edit the source code of the software’s engine to improve it.

While originally inspired by Minecraft, Minetest contains the game-creation function Roblox users enjoy.

6. Garry's Mod

Garry's Mod , known colloquially as GMod, is another sandbox game focusing on player creativity and freedom. Within this Source Engine-based framework, players have the ability to manipulate assets from various games to build their own interactive scenarios.

GMod is a treasure trove for those who desire to mix and match elements from different games. Its unique flexibility allows for creating mashups that are often hilarious and always intriguing. 

While Roblox may be more approachable for newcomers, GMod's potential for content crossovers and unique experiences offers a different kind of charm for those who are willing to put in the time to learn its quirks.

Like Roblox, GMod serves as the starting point for many game developers. The modding scene has always been a fertile ground for innovation, and GMod is a testament to the kind of inventiveness that emerges from such environments. 

7. Lego Worlds

If you enjoy the building aspect of Roblox but crave a more tangible experience, Lego Worlds may be the perfect sandbox for you . With gameplay aspects similar to Minecraft and Roblox, this game allows players to build their own worlds brick by virtual brick.

Lego Worlds offers a vast array of tools to build with, from traditional Lego bricks to more advanced elements like gears and rockets. Players can also explore procedurally generated worlds, gather resources, and discover hidden treasures.

Its familiar building mechanics combined with the beloved LEGO brand make it an engaging alternative to Roblox for those who prefer the physicality of building with blocks.

8. Growtopia

Growtopia is a 2D sandbox platformer that combines elements of both Roblox and Minecraft. Players have the freedom to build and explore their own worlds, trade items with other players, and participate in mini-games and events.

One unique aspect of Growtopia is its focus on community collaboration . In addition to creating worlds and items, players can also collaborate on music, art, and stories within the game. This sense of community and creativity is what draws many players to Growtopia.

While it may not have the same level of customization as Roblox or the open-world exploration of Minecraft, Growtopia offers a unique combination of both in a 2D environment. Plus, it's free to play and available on multiple platforms, making it easily accessible for all players.

9. Terraria

Terraria is a 2D sandbox adventure game that shares many similarities with Minecraft. Players can explore, mine, and build in a procedurally generated world filled with creatures and treasures.

One key difference from Minecraft is the addition of RPG elements in Terraria. Players can gain experience and level up their character, crafting new weapons, armor, and tools along the way. In addition to building and exploration, Terraria also offers boss battles and events for players to participate in.

Terraria has gained a devoted following with regular updates and new content additions. Its mix of sandbox elements and RPG gameplay make it a unique alternative to Roblox.

10. Fortnite Creative

Fortnite Creativ e is a sandbox mode within the popular battle royale game, Fortnite. While the main focus of the game is to outlast other players and be the last one standing, Fortnite Creative offers a space for players to build and create their own worlds.

Players can use various building tools and assets from the main Fortnite game to construct their own structures and games. These creations can then be shared with other players, fostering a community of creativity within the game.

While Fortnite Creative may not have the same level of customization as Roblox or Minecraft, it offers a unique opportunity for players to showcase their building skills and collaborate with others in a popular and ever-evolving game.

Play Games Like Roblox – Or Build Your Own

No matter your coding skills or creativity level, games like Roblox exist for all users. These options provide fresh ideas and communities to join that differ from regular multiplayer games. Interact with fellow creators and support the creative pursuits of other users on these Roblox alternatives.

If you are unsure where to start, check out Soba as that spicy something new that’s similar to Roblox but can do so much more for your gaming tastebuds. Whether you are looking to enter the gaming world or are well-versed in generating, the free platform functions as the perfect medium for creation and collaboration.

Get early access to Soba!


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