The Ten Best Obstacles For Your Obby Game

Obby games are a great way to offer the ultimate game experience. Because of their flexibility, a game can be tailored to any player or game designer’s style. Plus, they're great for both experienced and beginner game designers. create your own obby, check out But what are the best game obstacles for an Obby game?

In this article, we'll discuss the different types of obstacles you can use in your Obby game and give you our top ideas for creating the most thrilling game ever! So read on if you want to learn more about how you can make your own incredible game.

What is an Obby game?

An Obby game is an obstacle course game. It typically involves a player navigating their way through the game obstacles to reach the end of the level, or sometimes even multiple levels. Examples of popular Obby games include Geometry Dash, Super Mario Maker, and Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. If you want to learn how to make obby games in general, check out our article on how to make a obby game .

These types of games require players to use their dexterity, puzzle-solving skills, and reflexes in order to progress. And that's what makes them addictive.

To create an engaging Obby game, you first have to make the obstacles uniform and challenging (not impossible). Before we give you some ideas for obstacles, here are some types of obstacles you can include: physical, creative, and mental obstacles.

Remember to create a uniform game design and use a variety of the three types of obstacles.

The top ten Best Obby game obstacle ideas


You can use spikes in your Obby game in many creative ways depending on the game mechanics and game design. They can be placed on the floor, walls, or ceilings to create a challenge for the player. Maybe you give players a certain amount of lives, and stepping on spikes subtracts a life. Or maybe stepping on spikes means players have to restart the level. It's all up to you!

Jump and climb challenges

Obby game obstacles don’t have to be limited to physical challenges. For example, you can set up jumping and climbing challenges that require the player to use their coordination and reflexes in order to complete them. This type of obstacle is great for beginner game design, as it allows you to link two different sections.

Platform puzzles and switches

You can also use platform puzzles and switches in your Obby game. These are great for creating more complex levels as they require players to think ahead, plan their moves and solve problems before proceeding further in the game level.

Jump boosts

Adding jump boosts to a game level is an effective way to make it more challenging. Players must time their jumps carefully in order to reach the higher platforms or clear obstacles.

Mirrored maps

A great game obstacle for Obby game designers is mirrored scenarios. This involves reversing game elements such as game controls, color schemes, level design, and more. It also creates a unique game experience where players have to get used to the new game environment.

Multiple paths (but only one correct way)

Creating game levels with multiple paths is a great game design technique. Players can explore the game level and find their own way to the end, but only one will be correct. This adds an element of surprise for players and encourages them to think outside of the box in order to progress.

Natural obstacles

Natural obstacles like trees, rocks, or houses serve as great ways to keep a uniform game design and challenge players. You can also give them a game mechanic like knocking down trees or avoiding rocks to make the game level more engaging.

Moving platforms & environments

Adding moving platforms and game elements is an effective way to make your game levels unique and challenging. You can choose to have the game environment move up, down, sideways, or even rotate. This increases the complexity of each game level and encourages players to use their reaction time in order to complete the game successfully.


Using teleporters in your Obby game adds an element of surprise for players as they never know where they'll be taken next. It's an excellent tool for creating complex game levels, as it allows you to link two different sections. You can also have multiple teleporters, one sending them to the next level and one sending them to the previous!

"Floor is Lava"

Instead of making a standard floor, consider making it hazardous to the player. You'll want to give the player several lives so they can figure out your game if you do something like this. Remember, your Obby game shouldn't be so tricky players give up. Additionally, you could use spikes, poisonous liquid, or enemies as game obstacles for players to avoid.

Final thoughts

Designing and building your own Obby game can be just as fun as playing one. One of the most gratifying parts of the process is putting in the obstacles that will make life difficult for your players. With the right combination of game mechanics, design elements and creative ideas, you can make your game unique and challenging.

From jump boosts to moving platforms, there are many ways to add excitement to your game levels that will keep players engaged. Don’t forget about natural obstacles like trees or rocks as well as teleporters! With these tips in mind, you'll have no problem creating an amazing Obby game with exciting obstacles designed specifically for your players. Good luck!

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