The 6 Types of Mobile Games You Can Build With Soba Today

There are over 3.3 billion mobile players , so it’s no secret that mobile gaming is the future. There are thousands of games out there to choose from, but what if you want to create your own?

Well if you don’t want to spend years learning how to code, design, and build your own app, then you might want to think about using a game maker like Soba. No coding, no hosting, and no worrying about launching or managing an app.

So what is Soba?

Soba is a no-code game maker that allows anyone to build their own game. In this article, we’ll cover what Soba can do and the types of games it can help you create to share with the world. 

How does Soba’s no-code game maker work?

Soba, a no-code game maker , is revolutionizing how people create mobile games, opening doors for anyone with a creative idea. By using a visual, node-based scripting system, users can drag and drop different elements like characters and obstacles into a blank canvas.

There’s no need to write code or understand programming languages. Instead, you connect these nodes that represent action and logic flows. For instance, you could link a ‘jump’ action to a ‘swipe up’ gesture. 

Plus, with a library of pre-designed templates, Soba has made it easier than ever to get into mobile game creation . And once your game is ready, sharing it with the Soba community or beyond is a breeze. 

6 types of mobile games to build with Soba

Let’s cover the types of games you can make with Soba today:

Obby games 

Obby games, short for "obstacle" games , are all about navigating through challenging terrains and avoiding pitfalls. With Soba, creating your own Obby game is a fun and accessible task.

Whether its a wacky race against other players like "Fall Guys" or a solo adventure filled with traps and hurdles, Sobas no-code platform lets you design levels, set up obstacles, and control character mechanics with ease. It’s an exciting way to bring to life a fast-paced game thats perfect for quick, engaging play sessions.

And if you want to play with friends, Soba’s platform makes it that much easier. Just hit “Share” and you can get them playing in seconds. 


If you’re a fan of action-packed shooter games, Soba provides the tools to create your own first-person shooter (FPS) experience. From designing complex battlegrounds to crafting weapons and setting up intelligent enemies, the platform offers several pre-designed elements that you can personalize to your vision.

Whether you aim for a thrilling solo mission or a multiplayer battle royale, Soba’s easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface allows you to realize your shooter game concept without the need for coding. It’s all about strategy, skill, and of course, having fun as you build. 


Maze games are timeless, challenging players to solve one (or several) problem(s) — find your way through intricate pathways and solve complex puzzles. And with Soba, building a maze game is both simple and enjoyable. You can create winding corridors, place tricky traps, or introduce enemies that add extra layers of challenges. 

Plus, Soba’s intuitive interface focuses on design — whether it’s a traditional 2D puzzle or an immersive 3D adventure. Engage players of all ages with an exciting maze game, 100% unique to your imagination. 

2D Scrollers

2D scrollers remain a popular genre, bringing nostalgia to seasoned gamers and fun to newcomers. Soba allows you to explore this classic game style with ease, offering a no-code platform to design levels, characters, and obstacles effortlessly. 

From side-scrolling platformers with quirky heroes to fast-paced running games filled with challenges, Soba’s flexibility helps you build the 2D scroller you envision. You can add power-ups, enemies, or intricate terrains, all without writing a single line of code. So dive into the world of 2D mobile gaming today. 


Mini-games are exciting short experiences that offer quick bursts of fun and often serve as rewarding breaks within larger games. For instance, public Minecraft servers often have several mini-games to play as they’re a fun way to connect with teammates and opponents alike. 

With Soba, you can build engaging mini-games that cater to various interests and skill levels. Whether it’s a rapid puzzle challenge, a thrilling reaction test, or a short competitive game, Soba’s user-friendly platform lets you experiment with different mechanics and themes. 

These bite-sized games are perfect for those seeking instant entertainment, and Soba makes creation accessible to all. 


Sandbox games provide a limitless playground where creativity can reign supreme. Players can explore, build, and shape the world around them as they see fit. And Soba offers the tools to create rich sandbox environments that encourage open-ended gameplay.

From constructing advanced cities to designing other virtual ecosystems, Soba’s no-code mobile game maker puts you in the driver’s seat. You can provide players with endless opportunities for experimentation and innovation without getting bogged down in complex coding. 

Like the other types of games on this list, Soba’s sandbox capability brings a world of creative freedom to your fingertips, empowering you to build a universe of your own design. 

Start building your game today

The possibilities for game creation with Soba are virtually limitless. From fast-paced obstacle challenges to immersive sandbox worlds, Soba empowers you to transform your creative visions into tangible gaming experiences without the need for coding. 

Whether youre a seasoned game designer or a beginner with a passion for gaming, Soba offers a free and accessible platform to unleash your creativity. Nows the time to take the first step toward building your dream game. 

Join Soba’s alpha waitlist today and embark on an exciting journey of game creation and innovation!

Get early access to Soba!


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