The Top 7 Games Like Only Up! (Comprehensive List)

Developed by SCKR Games as an Indie game, Only Up! has taken the online gaming community by storm over the past two months.

It follows a textbook game recipe: it’s simple yet addictive.

The premise is to climb up and up until you reach space. Some streamers have taken upwards of four hours to reach the end, while the current (as of writing this article) speedrun record is just over 19 minutes .

But what if you've been climbing and falling for hours and crave a different challenge without straying too far from the original concept?

We’ve compiled some of the games most similar to Only Up! in which you can play almost immediately.

Let’s get right into the list.

Top 7 Games Like Only Up!

1. Jump King

Jump King is a vertical platformer where, much like Only Up!, the objective is to climb higher and higher. The gameplay is straightforward; you control a character aiming to reach the top to rescue a princess. Be warned, though — a single mistimed jump can send you tumbling down several levels.

In Jump King (similar to Only Up!), the mistakes are unforgiving. If you enjoy the challenge of continuously scaling a vertical platformer, Jump King might be right up your alley…

Available on: Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

2. Icy Tower

Icy Tower is a classic freeware game that has charmed players for years with its addictive vertical climbing gameplay. Like Only Up!, the goal in Icy Tower is simple — ascend a seemingly endless tower without falling.

You control a character named Harold the Homeboy, and the aim is to make him jump from platform to platform while avoiding obstacles and trying not to fall. The higher you climb, the faster the screen scrolls, making it more challenging to time your jumps accurately.

With old-school graphics and catchy music, Icy Tower offers an addictively simple experience for those who enjoy the constant climbing challenge of Only Up!.

Available on: PC (Windows).

3. Soba

In case these games haven’t caught your full attention, you could actually create your own game like Only Up! and share it with your friends via []() Soba.

Soba is a no-code game creation platform that allows you to build your own games — whether it’s a platformer or Obby. You have full creative freedom.

Taking inspiration from Only Up!, you could craft a unique vertical climbing game with your own twist on challenges and obstacles. And after, you could share it on Soba’s platform for others to play.

Available on: iOS, Android .

4. Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy

Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy is another game that mirrors the frustrations and triumphs of Only Up!. In this game, you control a man sitting in a pot who uses a Yosemite hammer to navigate a seemingly insurmountable mountain of objects.

The game is notorious for its difficulty; the tiniest slip can result in a fall that undoes nearly all your progress. It’s this ruthless challenge combined with the philosophical narration by Bennett Foddy that’s made it a cult favorite played by over 2.7 million people.

Available on: PC (Steam), iOS.

5. Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump is a classic mobile game that captures the endless climbing theme similar to Only Up!. In Doodle Jump, you control a doodle character that continuously hops upwards on a series of platforms.

The objective is simple: keep jumping as high as you can while avoiding obstacles and enemies. The game’s charm lies in its simplicity, cute doodle graphics, and the addictive nature of trying to beat your high score.

While not as punishing as Only Up!, Doodle Jump offers a lighter and more casual experience for those who want to enjoy the thrill of endless climbing without the intense difficulty. You can test it out on your browser before downloading if you’d like.

Available on: iOS, Android, Browser.

6. Celeste

Celeste is an indie platformer that shares the vertical ascent theme with Only Up!, but with a deeper emotional layer. You play as Madeline, a young woman who decides to climb the Celeste Mountain, facing both physical and emotional challenges.

The game’s controls are tight, and the levels are meticulously designed — requiring precise jumping and dashing. While Celeste doesn’t have the random objects of Only Up!, it features a variety of environments and challenges as you ascend the mountain.

What sets Celeste apart is its touching narrative and character development, making it an enriching and rewarding experience.

Available on: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch.

7. Helly Copter

Helly Copter is an arcade-style game that's much lighter in tone compared to Only Up! but still features the thrilling experience of ascending through obstacles. The goal is to pilot a helicopter through an increasingly challenging and chaotic course filled with obstacles, enemies, and power-ups.

While Only Up! involves climbing up random objects, Helly Copter lets you fly through crazy levels with a quirky, cartoonish charm.

The game can be deceptively challenging, and mastering the controls is key to reaching higher scores. If you’re a fan of simple, addictive gameplay with a focus on vertical progression, Helly Copter is worth a look.

Available on: iOS and Android

Final thoughts: games like Only Up!

While the trend of Only Up! is still relatively new, it’s clear the challenge of vertically progressing games has been around for a long time. The spark of this trend will carry the creation of newer games similar to Only Up! but with more twists and turns.

And if you’d like to ride the wave, check out Soba’s []() no-code game creation tool where you can build your own world! You have access to hundreds of obstacles, platforms, and characters to ensure you build the game of your dreams.

Get early access to Soba!


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