Top Gaming Influencers to Keep Your Eye On in 2024

With numbers like 111 million subscribers, 20 billion views, and 5,000 posts, gaming influencers have become a go-to entertainment choice for many. They have joined the celebrity landscape, dominating popular media platforms with a new era of stardom.

Gaming content creators, or streamers, have taken their passion for gameplay and turned their hobby into a full-fledged career. Whether producing content on YouTube, Twitch, Facebook Gaming, or another platform, this new generation of stars use their talent and personalities to gain huge audience bases.

Regardless of your preferred platform for watching or gaming, here are the top gaming influencers you should have your eye on.

Top Gaming Influencers

Top Gaming Influencer on YouTube Gaming

YouTube Gaming is a huge platform for gaming influencers with 1.2 million active streamers. Markiplier is a top dog on the platform, a beloved figure for his charismatic personality and dedication to his fanbase.

Known for his gameplay on Five Nights at Freddy’s, Amnesia, and Alien: Isolation, the influencer’s YouTube channel has amassed over 20 billion views. From horror games to comedy sketches, Markiplier has created content for all ages and audiences.

As one of the top earners on YouTube, Markiplier’s content appeals to beginners and experts in the gaming universe.

Followers: 35 millionReal Name: Mark Fischbach

Top Gaming Influencer on Twitch

Ninja is the undisputed king on the streaming platform Twitch with his devoted audience of gamers and fans. Boosted into stardom in 2018 for his live-streaming while playing almost exclusively Fortnite: Battle Royale, the popular creator gained his audience due to skill and impressive gameplay.

His gaming expertise shows in his captivating live streams, making Ninja a top pick for video game and stream-watching enthusiasts. With 18 million Twitch subscribers, the elite gamer earned collaboration deals with big-name brands like Red Bull and celebrities such as Drake.

Considered a pro in the gaming world, Ninja has become one of the highest-earning live streamers and most popular digital creators in the virtual community.

Followers: 18.6 millionReal Name: Richard Tyler Blevins

Top Gaming Influencer Based on Community Size

One name rises above the rest as the undeniable icon of gaming influencers. The elite names have millions of followers watching their gameplay, with the top of the top being PewDiePie.

The Swedish YouTube Gaming influencer has turned into a household name with almost 30 billion views on his successful channel that features his gameplay and funny commentary. Playing games like Minecraft, Amnesia, and Terraria, he has built a “Bro Army” fanbase unrivaled by any other gaming influencer.

He is one of the most subscribed-to creators on the platform and his engaging content and relatable personality have built his digital empire that shows no signs of slowing down.

Followers: 111 millionReal Name: Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg

Top Gaming Influencer on Facebook Gaming

One of the top gaming influencers on Facebook Gaming goes by the name StoneMountain64. Since the creation of his YouTube channel on September 26, 2011, the video game streamer has never gone more than a week without posting content to his social media.

Known for his Call of Duty: Warzone gameplay, he edits his gameplay to resemble cinematic gameplay sequences while adding his humorous narration.

Streaming five days a week on Facebook, the content creator’s dedication and skill are apparent in his streaming content. Fully dedicated to the gaming community, StoneMountain64 left his investment management position to pursue his gaming career full-time. For engaging content and exciting streams that draw viewers into a virtual experience, check out his Facebook page.

Followers: 3.5 MillionReal Name: David Steinberg

Top Gaming Influencer on the Rise

After starting out in 2019, streamer Jynxzi has amassed an audience of over 2 million followers on Twitch and over 1 million on YouTube. Starting initially with a small audience, his consistent posting and dedication to streaming allowed the 21-year-old from Florida to catapult into stardom in the gaming community in 2022.

Known for his gameplay of Rainbow Six Siege, the gaming influencer started out with an audience of 5 in 2019. Since then, he has gained millions of followers with hundreds of thousands of hours watched.

Although his fame is somewhat new in the video game community, Jynxzi’s comedic content and gaming skills have earned him a spot next to top gaming influencers.

Followers: 2.6 millionReal Name: Nick Stewart

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