Why Adaptive Blade is Not Worth it (2023)

The Hypixel Skyblock market has seen a drastic increase in inflation in recent years, leading many players to be cautious when selecting what items they want to buy. The Hypixel Skyblock Adaptive Blade and the Hypixel Skyblock Aspect Of The Dragons are two of the most coveted items and prices for them can reach exorbitant heights.

Which sword should you buy? We will cover this in this short blog post!

How popular is Hypixel Skyblock in 2023?

Hypixel Skyblock is an incredibly popular Minecraft game mode that was released in 2019.

In Skyblock, players are given a limited and unique island with limited resources, and they must do whatever they can to build their island and gain money and items in a variety of ways. The game is similar to other Minecraft mini-games, such as Survival Games or Bedwars, but with a twist: it takes place in a unique and separate world.

Skyblock quickly gained popularity, and players from around the world flock to the server to experience the unique and exciting gameplay every day. The average amount of players across Skyblock server nowadays is around 200,000, making it one of the most popular mini-games on the server. 

The Adaptive Blade Sword

The Adaptive Blade is a powerful Dungeon Sword obtainable from Reward Chests in The Catacombs - Floor II.  It's a one-time reward from Scarf IV after beating Scarf 150 times.

Depending on the class used in Dungeons, the sword grants different bonus stats:

  • Berserk for +35 ❁ Strength and +5 ✦ Speed;
  • Healer for +20% ❤ Health regeneration and Restore +5 HP/s;
  • Mage for +200 ✎ Intelligence;
  • Tank for +100 ❈ Defense and +5 ❂ True Defense;
  • Archer for +100% ☠ Crit Damage.

Scarf Fragment 8x can be used to upgrade the blade, granting +20 ❁ Damage and equipping it with a Combat Gemstone Slot, which holds Sapphire and Jasper Gemstones for Intelligence and Strength.

Beneficial for Ironman Mages for the +200 Intelligence, the Adaptive Blade gives no bonus to mana and is less worthwhile for Melee classes, as it only grants -25% Melee. For Tanks and Healers, the sword could be seen as a Dungeon Orb with more Defense and Health, but its effectiveness for Archers is questionable.

Is the Adaptive Blade Worth It?

If you've made early progress as a Berserker or Archer, you probably know about the changes to the Fot and Juju Short Bow requirements - Juju and Fot prices have been cut in half.

However, Adaptive Blade prices have doubled since there are no longer any early-mid game Berserker weapons, and so the demand for them has risen significantly. Thus, if you've got an Adaptive Blade you don't need, it's definitely worth selling!

Stories of immense profits from Adaptive Blade flipping are not uncommon. This item offers an advantage in the later stages due to its scaling stats in Dungeons. Going through the hassle of trying to grind for AOTD before you can take down Bruisers is not necessary as the Spirit Sceptre grind was incredibly tiresome - it took players 70 fights against Thorn!

All in all, AOTD, the well-known "Aspect Of The Dragons" sword offers a much earlier opportunity to obtain it and its ability outclasses many of the dungeon swords on Hypixel Skyblock. Go with it.

How much is the Adaptive Blade Price?

The average price of an Adaptive Blade as of 2023 was between 1.2m and 1.7m coins.

Buy an Aspect of The Dragons (AOTD)!

The temptation to switch to more advanced Dragon Armor with an AOTD and Dragon Gloves/Cloak is never more prominent. Though they may be expensive, they offer various bonuses and could make a great addition for early to midgame players.

For the AOTD, it is important to meet the level requirement, and then a strong Dragon Armor set plus a good pet (Sheep for long-term, Lion/Tiger for cheaper options). If you're buying from the Auction House, make sure to invest in quality armor, as it would be the main gear you use up until mid-game. After that, you might want to look into an FOT or Aurora Staff for further upgrades.

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