Roblox Doors - What You Need To Know! (2023)

Doors is one of the most popular games on Roblox, and it's no surprise why kids are enjoying it so much. It's a fast-paced, action-packed game that puts players in a race to see who can open the most doors before time runs out. There are monsters lurking behind every door, so you have to be quick and smart to make it to the end, with a variety of rules and levels to play through.

Doors is the perfect game for any kid who loves a challenge. let's deep dive on it!

Roblox doors

Doors, the popular Roblox horror game, is an exciting game of hide-and-seek filled with monsters and jump scares. It's not as intense as some other horror games out there, making it a great choice for kids to play. The premise of the game is simple: you are locked in a map filled with monsters, and you must find the door to escape before time runs out. Players can use various tactics to speedrun the game, such as finding the hidden doors and avoiding the monsters. There are also plenty of great hiding spots, like the hidden tunnels, the abandoned farm, and the hidden library.

With all of its fun monsters, jump scares, and hidden secrets, Doors has shown to be a great game for all ages to enjoy.

How many monsters are there in doors?

Doors has a total of eleven Monsters lurking in its depths. Players must use their wits and strategy to survive the game and its rules, while simultaneously trying to outwit the Monsters. 

Doors entities (list of all new characters)

11 monsters lurk in the Roblox game Doors, each with their own unique horror:

  • Hide Doors will appear if you hide for too long;
  • Rush Doors moves at an incredible speed to instantly kill you;
  • Seek Doors will chase you in rooms 30-45 and 80-95;
  • Screech Doors silently seeks you out;
  • Eyes Doors is a jumble of eyes damaging you;
  • Halt Doors randomly spawns and slowly walks up to you;
  • Ambush Doors replaces Rush in the Hotel, speeding through rooms;
  • Timothy Doors is a cute spider that jumpscares;
  • Jack Doors only serves to scare; 
  • Figure Doors follows sounds and has a minigame mechanic;
  • Glitch Doors teleports you back to your friends.

We will cover a caveat detail for you! If you are looking for a secret Easter Egg hidden in the world of Doors, we have a secret tip here. Bring two lockpicks and a skeleton key when you head to the secret door hidden behind closet at the room 62 (r62). Once you've found the door, flip the lever in the next room, and use the items to unlock the door. There, you might find a gateway to an Easter egg!

Places to hide at Roblox doors (tips)

Unfortunately, there are not many spots to hide on Roblox Doors, but below we have a few tips across the rooms:

  • Utilize the library in Room 50 to your advantage: look out for books that are brighter in color than the rest and slightly sticking out from the shelf. Once you find them, you'll find the hints on the left hand side of the screen.
  • Keep an eye out for the desk with a sheet of paper containing the code for the lock - it's a sequence of 5 shapes. Each book the player finds shows one shape and the number it corresponds to, so remember to collect the books to complete the code.
  • In Multiplayer mode, all players must rush to the exit as soon as the door is opened. If you hide for too long in a Wardrobe, the Figure will pull you out and kill you instantly.
  • When you reach Room 100, make sure you hide in a Wardrobe quickly - once the Figure passes you, it will accidentally lock itself in the previous room.
  • To escape, you need to finish a minigame in the elevator, in which you flip the breaker switches. If you're successful, you'll reach the elevator and a cutscene will play where the Figure cuts the cords, leading to the end of the game.
  • Visit the Pre-Run Shop to stock up on essential items like Vitamins, a Lighter, a Flashlight and Lockpicks - collect coins in the drawers during runs to get Knobs to buy them.

Roblox Doors - Recent Big Updates

The January 28th Hotel+ update for Doors introduced 10 new Entities, 5 new items, 20 new achievements, new animations for all cutscenes, voice chat-only servers, a Screech plush in the lobby, and the ability for players to display their achievements and deaths above their head in the lobby. 

The update also improved the anti-cheat system and removed some unused files, as well as Vent Rooms and Mini-Libraries. Additionally, Rush and Ambush now have less of a chance of spawning, and Rush now makes the room it spawns in a dark room, allowing for Screech to spawn. Finally, Ambush is now slightly faster and lights can now begin flickering up to 10 seconds after a door is opened.

roblox doors a-60

It is uncommon for A-60 and A-90 monsters to spawn in Roblox rooms, yet it does happen. Starting from A-001, it is not uncommon to see players suddenly succumb to A-90 on A-001. Stories says that one particular user were caught off guard and comboed by the A-60 and A-90 duo at A-17. It was the user's first time in the rooms, so they were not aware of the rules and were thus quite unlucky. If this happens to you, know its normal!

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