Top 5 Games Going into Alpha/Beta in 2023

In a gaming industry that never stops evolving, the concepts of alpha and beta testing are recognized as crucial phases to shaping the trajectory of a game release. These stages offer developers the chance to get a unique perspective on their projects. They also give players the unique opportunity for sneak peeks at upcoming games and their inner workings.

Bridging the gap between developers and their audience, the alpha and beta phases transform games from tests into popular user platforms. A lot occurs beneath the surface of a game launch, so playing games in these stages offers users exclusive gameplay experiences to help polish a game.

Don’t wait for the final release of a game, check out this list of top games ready to be playtested in 2023.

5 Games Going Into Alpha/Beta in 2023


Dreamworld is a massively multiplayer online game that puts the power in the hands of the players to design and craft their own world. It’s a sandbox game that consists of “every genre, every game, every style, all wrapped into one.” Instead of choosing a singular genre of game, combine them all and customize your gameplay by generating your own world.

The infinite, open world allows users to sculpt and create the terrain with a large catalog of objects and biomes while interacting with millions of other players. With both unique environments and incredible creatures, the singular world provides endless opportunities for interesting online interaction and gameplay.

Similar to Minecraft or [Roblox](, users design and develop their own creations on a platform that is shared with others. Check out their website to learn more about the gameplay and to start a free trial.

Phase: AlphaPrice: Free

2. Soba

Tear yourself away from pre-existing online universes and build your own with Soba. Create and play by your own rules with Soba, an online gaming platform that allows you to design and publish your own game for the whole world to experience. Unlike the other games on this list, Soba allows you to create your own gameplay that suits your current wants and interests.

People of all levels of coding knowledge can join and use the visual scripting tools to generate their own gaming experience. Play games from fellow users, collaborate with friends to create a game, or have a solo experience of generation and production of your own. With no prior coding knowledge necessary, the no-code game-making tools and online instructions allow you to bring your own ideas to life.

This free mobile-only app is currently in closed development, but you can apply for early access.

Phase: Going into AlphaPrice: Free

3. Party Animals

Party Animals is a multiplayer online action game with three game modes: Last Stand, Team Score, and Arcade. Select between 12 animals and brawl with fellow users to fight on the map. While the game will be released on September 20th, there are three different stages of closed-beta play that will be available starting September 1st. Tests A, B, and C will include different maps and terrains to play.

Last Stand mode allows teams of puppies, kittens, or bunnies to scramble for first place by battling one another with wrestling moves or weapons. In Team Score, the team that has earned the most points in various games wins. Arcade mixes these modes together with various maps and rules.

There are different maps and levels featured in the game, including a freezing jet and black hole, to keep gameplay interesting when users interact with their environment to win a battle. If you are looking for a competitive game with a cuddly persona, sign up for the Party Animals beta on PC and Xbox via Steam .

Phase: Beta available September 1st.Price: Free

4. Hytale

Hytale is a game that combines adventure and creativity with its dual sandbox and roleplaying game features. You will encounter new creatures and biomes created by the computer, or generate new opportunities for yourself by creating scenes with custom animations and particles.

Hytale provides users with the same tools they used to develop the game, so players can edit everything they see while playing. Using the Hytale Model Maker, a suite of browser-based 3D modeling, texturing, and animation tools, users can collaborate with others and customize their experience in Hytale.

Transform the game around you as a creator or enjoy the public servers as a player as you travel through mountains and swim in waterfalls. Choose your own playstyle and sign up to play Hytale’s Beta game.

Phase: BetaPrice: Free

5. Palia

Palia is an MMO game of cheerful gameplay with bright graphics and fun activities. The two sections of gameplay include the player’s home, which has its own plot and projects, and the open world of characters and recreation.

Unleash your creativity by perfecting your home, or engage with the social aspects of the game by exploring with friends. Whether you want to garden on your own or head into the village to socialize, Palia provides a virtual escape for users without violence or difficult challenges.

Furniture crafting, cooking, or insect catching, this game contains peaceful objectives and calming gameplay. Captivate your imagination and grow both a garden and a sense of community within the game. Palia’s beta period is open for players to provide feedback on gameplay and mechanics to the creators on how to improve the enchanted world.

Phase: BetaPrice: Free

Get an exclusive glimpse into the future of gaming

Help developers fine-tune their online creations by playing these top games entering beta and alpha in 2023. Escape from reality or unlock your creative potential on these platforms with various gaming opportunities. Get ahead of the crowd now and sign up for these highly anticipated gaming releases.

Whatever type of gameplay you are looking for, try out these game creations for unforgettable gaming experiences. If you are new to gaming, check out Soba to learn how to craft your own games to cater directly to the type of play you are looking for.

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