Dive into the Most Popular Teen-Friendly Mobile Game Genres on Soba

Mobile dominates gaming — roughly 49% of teens play on phones or tablets. 

Hypercasual, simulation, and puzzle games led with over a billion combined downloads last year. Action, match, tabletop… there’s room for all types!

Yet the most popular teen-friendly games all started as ‘just’ an idea. 

So what if, rather than playing in the worlds that others created, you built your own game with your own rules?

What if you didn’t need to know how to code? And you could create shooters, obbys, platformers, and so much more.

Keep reading to find out how you can with Soba.

Create Your Own Mobile Game With Soba

Rather than playing in worlds defined by others, you can build new realms by your rules with Soba. Our no-code platform places full creative power directly into your hands — no coding skills required.

Intuitive drag-and-drop tools handle all the technical complexities so you can focus entirely on game design. Easily craft 3D environments, program logic flows, customize mechanics, and integrate mesmerizing graphics and sound effects — all from your phone.

The best part? 

Well, it’s all pretty awesome. But the best part is there are no limits to the types of games you can make… including shooters, platformers, obbys, and other types we discuss in this article. 

Unlike traditional coding, instantly playtest concepts and enhancements in real-time. You can tweak jump heights, weapon damage, level layouts, and more while always testing the latest build. 

Then, seamlessly iterate based on player feedback without awaiting lengthy compile cycles. And make sure you share creations globally with one click once polished.

Passion should drive game development, not technical restraints. Soba streamlines every step, so young creators carry stories from imagination into the hands of worldwide communities faster than ever before.

The 9 Most Popular Teen-Friendly Mobile Game Genres on Soba

Now that you’re inspired to make your own game, let’s look at the nine most popular mobile game genres on Soba:

Obby Games

Obstacle courses, also called obby games or “obbys", test a players reflexes by overcoming a series of obstacles to complete the game. Navigating narrow ledges while avoiding traps like spikes and sawblades puts skills to the test. Designers can incorporate concepts like anti-gravity areas or underwater tunnels to encourage creative thinking.

Soba provides accessible tools for young creators to build fun obstacle runs. Place structures that demand careful timing across moving platforms over treacherous voids. Integrate gameplay modifiers like portals to make courses more dynamic. Connect stages into epic marathons.

Add environmental hazards like roaming enemies or make the floor lava! Observe playtesters mastering your creation, then tweak difficulty accordingly toward exhilarating, not prohibitive, tests of skill. Soba hands you the power to turn imaginative obstacle concepts into reality.


Since Super Mario Bros perfected side-scrolling adventures, platformers place physical challenges between points A and B. Platformers revolve around precise keyboarding across meticulously spaced ground and aerial segments. 

You dodge enemies and hazards, slowly training yourself to become fluid in all of the controls — all building to an epic boss battle. 

With Soba, creators can orchestrate exciting platform quests unrestricted by technical know-how. You can create intricate obstacle courses, demanding perfectly timed jumps or easier courses where even the modest beginner can have success. 

Or, sprinkle in mischievous traps like spikes to apply pressure to players. At the end of the day, focus on creating a platformer that players love and one that you have fun making! 


Shooter games, a mobile game genre synonymous with adrenaline-pumping action, offer a perfect blend of strategy, skill, and reflexes. In these games, players typically navigate through various environments, engaging in combat scenarios that test their precision and tactical thinking.

With Soba, designing a shooter game becomes a playground for creativity. You can tailor every detail, from expansive battlegrounds to the intricate mechanics of different weapons. Set up diverse terrains where players can take cover, snipe, or engage in close-quarters combat.

Soba’s intuitive interface ensures that your focus remains on the creative aspect. Adjust the games pacing, balance the combat dynamics, or modify the level design in real-time, ensuring your shooter game is as thrilling to play as it is for you to create.

Whether aspiring to build a fast-paced arena shooter or a story-driven tactical game, Soba’s versatile platform equips you with all the tools needed to bring your vision to life.

Battle Arenas

Battle Arenas, often synonymous with the popular Battle Royale genre, are all about survival, strategy, and outlasting opponents in a shrinking play zone. These games challenge players to scavenge for resources, strategize, and adapt to ever-changing conditions, all while competing against others for the ultimate victory.

Soba simplifies the process of creating these expansive, dynamic environments. You can design large, interactive maps that gradually constrict, pushing players closer and forcing intense encounters. 

The platform allows for intricate customization of terrains, from dense forests and urban landscapes to desolate wastelands, each offering unique tactical advantages and challenges.

What’s more, Sobas real-time editing and testing capabilities mean you can rapidly iterate your battle arena, tweaking it based on player feedback or your own insights. And if you want, you can include “mood boards,” which change the weather in your game when players step on them for a hidden surprise! 

Sandbox Games

Sandbox games represent a universe of limitless possibilities. These games are digital playgrounds where creativity reigns supreme, and players can shape the world according to their whims. From constructing elaborate cities to crafting intricate ecosystems, sandbox games empower players to be architects of their own experiences.

With Soba, creating a sandbox game becomes an accessible journey, even for those with no prior coding knowledge. The platform provides you with the tools to build expansive open worlds where the only limit is your imagination. 

You can sculpt landscapes, design buildings, and populate your world with a variety of objects and creatures.

In a sandbox game on Soba, every tree, building, or character can be more than just a static element; they can be parts of a living, evolving system that players interact with. 

For instance, you could create a world where players gather resources, construct buildings, or even create their own mini-games within the game. Add features like weather systems, day-night cycles, and seasonal changes to make your world feel alive and responsive.

Horror Games

Horror games tap into the primal instincts of fear and suspense, creating an immersive experience that keeps players on the edge of their seats. In these games, atmosphere and narrative play crucial roles in delivering a chilling and memorable experience.

With Soba, you have the opportunity to craft your own spine-tingling horror game, even without any coding expertise. The platform enables you to construct eerie environments, design haunting characters, and weave gripping narratives that will leave players enthralled.

A key element in horror games is the setting. Soba allows you to create dark, foreboding landscapes, from abandoned asylums to haunted forests. 

You can add intricate details like flickering lights, shadowy corners, and unsettling soundscapes to enhance the creepy atmosphere.

Maybe you want to add jumpscares or make it a horror-based platformer game. There are so many options, and its all up to you! 

Racing Games

Racing games have always been about the thrill of speed and the rush of the competitive spirit. In these games, its not just about being the fastest; its about mastering control, understanding the tracks, and outmaneuvering opponents.

With Soba, even those new to game development can create exhilarating racing experiences. Whether youre inspired by high-speed track races, off-road rallying, or futuristic hover car competitions, Sobas tools enable you to bring these visions to life without any coding.

You won’t have to worry about characters, as everyone gets to design their own with Soba. First up is the race track, and then the game rules. Do jumps slow you down or increase your speed? And lastly, invite your friends to test your game and see how your design holds up.

Starting Completely from Scratch

Starting from scratch means you have a blank canvas to express your creative ideas freely. Soba supports this with a user-friendly interface that guides you through each step of game development. From conceptualizing your game idea to bringing it to life, every phase is simplified.

You begin by brainstorming and shaping your game concept. What is the story you want to tell? What type of gameplay will be most engaging?

Following our game creation guide is a must, especially for those new to game design.

Then, delve into designing your game world. Soba’s diverse range of assets and tools allows you to create environments, characters, and objects that align with your vision.

Get Started Today

One of the greatest advantages of starting from scratch with Soba is the freedom to experiment. Test different mobile game genres, play with various art styles, and explore unique gameplay mechanics without the constraints of complex programming.

You’re free to do whatever you want, and that’s the beauty of game creation. 

So sign up for our Alpha today for your chance to download Soba and begin making games you and your friends will love! 

Get early access to Soba!


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