Ultimate List of Minecraft Streamers (for any Platform or Preferred Gameplay)

Whether you’re battling mobs, building epic mansions, or exploring new terrain, Minecraft is the essential digital playground for unleashing your creativity. From designing boundless cities of architectural marvels to cracking jokes during quests, Minecraft streamers are the true heroes of the pixelated realm.

Few games have taken hold of the virtual community like Minecraft and its limitless opportunities for content creation. The sandbox game allows Minecraft streamers to turn their imagination into reality on the public stage for anyone to check out.

The game continues to age, but the funny antics and architectural masterpieces of Minecraft streamers are here to stay. Here’s a list of Minecraft streamers who know their way around a crafting table like none other.

Must Watch Minecraft Streamers

Top Minecraft Streamer on Youtube

With one of the fastest-growing channels on YouTube, Dream gained over 10 million subscribers in a little over a year. Known for being a faceless creator, the streamer is known for popularizing the Minecraft Manhunt game.

Along with fellow streamer GeorgeNotFound, Dream created the Dream SMP (survival multiplayer) server to feature themselves and other Minecraft content creators. The “Dream Team’s” funny interactions and creative storylines provide entertainment to their gigantic audience.

Dream has gathered legions of fans just as passionate about the game as himself, so check out his account to watch his gameplay or collaborations with other top creators.

Followers: 31.9 million

Top Minecraft Streamer on Kick

Minecraft streamer, Sapnap , is known for his Minecraft challenge videos and participation in collaborations with fellow Minecraft streamers. 

Not your average streamer, he engages in both difficult gameplay and pranks. Famous for his “Minecraft, But…” videos, the creator keeps fans on their toes about what challenging content he will produce next.

Leaving behind 3 million followers on Twitch, Sapnap transitioned to Kick to continue his video game streaming. While still building his audience on the new platform, he has already gained a few thousand followers after the announcement of his switch on August 9th. 

Followers : 16,000

Top Minecraft Streamer on Twitch

Tubbo is an English gamer known for his Twitch streams and involvement on Dream’s SMP server. He gained a substantial following in the Minecraft community due to his collaborations with fellow content creators. In addition to his gameplay streams, the content creator released a song titled “Life By the Sea” with over 53 million listens on Spotify.

The Minecraft streamer has created and planned a release for his own free gameplay server named TubNet (Tubbo Network). It functions as a cross-platform mini-game server for players from both Java and Bedrock editions of the game.

Streaming almost every day of the week, Tubbo is gaining traction for his activity as well as his upcoming server project.

Followers: 5.2 million

Top Minecraft Hardcore Streamer

Minecraft hardcore mode refers to a variant of survival mode where players may only respawn as spectators or end the game. Survival in this gameplay option is not for the weak, but streamer Philza managed to survive for five years as a singular character on the hardcore server.

The England-based streamer ended his streak in April 2019, but not before catapulting into stardom for impressive survival skills. He streams multiple times a week on Twitch and uploads highlights of his daring adventures to his YouTube channel.

Check out his extended Minecraft hardcore series or tune in to his weekly streams to watch this legend perfect his craft.

Followers: 4.3 million

Top Minecraft Streamer and Beyond

Minecraft content doesn’t need to end when the stream ends. If you want hilarious Minecraft content followed by Minecraft-themed music videos and Minecraft short stories, check out CaptainSparklez .

His unmatched mastery of the game and ability to create unique content about a game that has been around for a while helped him achieve a level of fame that few streamers reach. His Minecraft music videos have hundreds of millions of views from an ever-growing audience. 

Since joining YouTube in 2010 at the beginning of Minecraft, CaptainSparklez has grown up with the game and welcomed newcomers into his world of gaming.

Followers: 11.4 million

Changing the streaming game

An integral part of the Minecraft community, streamers create worlds and communities that have allowed the game to become a content creation hub. Online gaming continues to evolve, but these faces have earned spots as masters of the video game world. 

While they stream on different platforms, their shared creativity has skyrocketed them into fame.

While they stream on different platforms, their shared creativity has skyrocketed them into fame.

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